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Otago Mentor Match Alumni Registration Form

Otago Mentor Match Registration

Volunteers from the Otago alumni community and students register their credentials and preferences. The mentoring team uses this information to make a match based on professional background and discipline.
Company/ Organization Name
Which industry do you primarily work in?
Please provide brief career history e.g. Senior Lecturer (Management) University of Otago 2008-2012 (brief description). Feel free to provide a LinkedIn link instead.
Select all options that would work for you
Undergraduate course e.g. BA History, Undergraduate Institution e.g. University of Otago, Year of graduation e.g. 1999
Postgraduate course e.g. Master of Science, Postgraduate institution e.g. Massey University, Year of graduation e.g. 2002
E.g. Wellington, New Zealand
This information will help us to find out where alumni mentors are finding out about our programmes and where we should be sharing information with you!

Mentor’s Agreement

By submitting this application you acknowledge and accept the following:
  • You understand your role and responsibilities as a Mentor.
  • Your behaviour will be ethical, professional and responsible at all times. Specific details discussed will be kept confidential.
  • You should contact the Mentoring Coordinator if you feel uncomfortable with your Mentee’s behaviour or are concerned about their safety.
  • Your name, phone number, email address and employment details will be made available to your Mentee. Mentees are asked to hold all information about you in strictest confidence.
  • In the event that you invite your Mentee to visit your workplace, you must advise him/her of relevant occupational health and safety procedures.
  • You must not offer or accept any monetary remuneration as a result of the Mentoring Partnership.
  • If an opportunity for work experience for your Mentee arises, you must notify the Mentoring Coordinator. You must also comply with relevant legal and operational employment policies and procedures.
  • You may terminate the mentor-mentee relationship at any time. If the relationship is terminated, you agree to immediately inform the Mentoring Coordinator.

The Mentoring Coordinator will contact you to inform you of the student whom you will be mentoring. If there is no appropriate match, we will retain your information for future mentoring opportunities.

Ngā mihi, thank you for your registration.