Add a UniCrew volunteer role

For community organisations

Your organisation must first be registered with the UniCrew Volunteer Workgroup to upload volunteer roles.

If you aren't registered yet, please complete the UniCrew Volunteer Workgroup registration form.

Please complete the form below for each different UniCrew role that you wish to advertise.

For University of Otago staff

Please follow this link to upload UniCrew roles that are related to your Department.

UniCrew role form for University of Otago Staff

UniCrew Volunteers Role Description Form

This form may be used by organisations registered with Volunteering Otago to submit volunteer roles that may be particularly well-suited to university students. If you are not sure whether your role falls into this category, you are welcome to contact the Co-ordinator of the University of Otago Volunteer Centre: 03 479 8631 or volunteer@otago.ac.nz

Organisation Details

You are able to confirm that your organisation is registered with Volunteering Otago. If you are not registered and wish to do so, you can do so via their website: www.volunteeringotago.org.nz

Volunteer role information

Feel free to get creative volunteer role titles if it helps communicate the kind of position it is.
This will be when you would like a role to be taken off the UniCrew database. Please leave blank if this is an ongoing advertisement.
This can be an approximate number if you are not sure.
Please provide a detailed role description that will help UniCrew volunteers really understand what you need them to do.
Please identify any academic departments that may be especially interested in this role.
Please note the day of the week and whether this activity takes place in the mornings, afternoons or evenings.
Are there any special conditions that apply to this volunteer activity?

Volunteer role extra details

Please list the location of the volunteer activity
What should the volunteer wear for this role?
Please enter how you would like students to apply for this role e.g. email, online registration. Any application forms for your organisation can be uploaded on the next question.
Please upload any volunteer application forms, information sheets, photos/images you would like UniCrew volunteers to receive at this stage. The photos and/or images may be used to accompany social media posts and should ideally be high resolution.